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Wheat Germ Snack Recipes

Wheat germ is the germ of the wheat kernal packed with nutrients. It contains very high amounts of DHA Omega 3, Fiber, Folate, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus and Zinc. It is easy to integrate wheat germ into many snacks, meals and finger foods

Just two tablespoons provides about 15% of recommended daily intake of vitamin E and 10% of daily folate. "Vitamin E is often a little low in people's diets, so this is a good way to add in some extra—especially if people don't eat a lot of nuts or seeds, two other big sources,"

It's easy to incorporate wheat germ into almost any meal, including breakfasts: Sprinkle it over cereal, stir it into yogurt, or mix it into a smoothie

Replace flour in recipes when baking.

An easy to use wheat germ is to use it in meals. Wheat germ can replace up to 1/2 a cup (125 ml) of the flour in recipes such as muffins, pancakes and other baked goods.

Stir it into oatmeal.

Add a tbsp. (15 ml) to morning oatmeal. The recommended daily dosage for wheat germ is 1 tbsp or 15 ml for every 100 lbs or 45.4 kg of weight.

Use wheat germ instead of granola on yogurt or cereal.

Wheat germ has a slightly nutty flavor, and makes a great substitute for granola on foods like yogurt or cereal.

Add wheat germ to smoothies/milk shakes .

Adding a few spoonfuls to smoothies/milk shakes/protein shakes, is an easy way to supplement the nutrition in them and get some wheat germ benefits. Just add it in before blending.

Substitute wheat germ for breadcrumbs in recipes.

n recipes such as meat loaf, casseroles and baked chicken, substitute half the recommended amount of bread crumbs for wheat germ. Sprinkle it on top of macaroni and cheese as an alternative to breadcrumbs.

Mix some into dessert toppings. When making desserts like fruit crumble and apple pies, mix some wheat germ into the topping before putting it on.



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